Your Kitchen Might Need Some Fixes And a Personal Touch

No matter how old it gets or how many seasons pass as we bide our time inside, most of us love our homes and will never grow tired of the four walls that house our families and most cherished memories. And, if there’s any single room that we can all unanimously agree holds the most activity, fun, and laughter, then that trophy rightfully goes to the kitchen space.

However, despite this shared love for the room that brings us such delicious food and joyous moments, many households fail to give it justice when it comes to the aesthetic and overall design. As a result, the kitchen degrades over time, and its looks grow shabby with each passing day, slowly becoming a relic of the past. So, to help this design issue, we’ll be learning how you can give your kitchen a quick fix-up and a personal touch right now.

Beautiful Homes Need Beautiful Kitchens

If you’re not convinced yet of the need to give your kitchen an aesthetic upgrade, then it’s best that we also consider the objective reasons behind an aesthetic-based renovation. Remember, a home’s value is almost always directly correlated to its kitchen, and if you ever plan on selling or getting more value out of your house, a bad-looking kitchen is a big dealbreaker. Keep to heart the principle that beautiful homes need beautiful kitchens, and you won’t have to worry about getting a bad price on your property value. 

#1 Use Natural Light To Your Advantage

Number one, you must utilize all the natural light you can get to your advantage. While natural light has many amazing health benefits, it also has the ability to make colors pop and bring out the beauty of your kitchen with the help of the morning sun. Plus, the sunlight helps wake you up first thing in the morning, making it an excellent additive to your coffee as you bask in all that healthy vitamin D. We recommend having windows on at least two to three walls to really envelop the space with natural light, and even transom windows if the ceiling height allows it. 

#2 Make It A Central Location

Number two, make your kitchen space a central location; it should be at the heart of family activity, bridging to the living room, outdoor garden, or a view of the main entrance. Of course, you don’t want all the traffic going through the kitchen because that just ends up being a bit too bothersome and annoying to deal with in the long term. However, you want it to be adjacent to the center to give it that welcoming aura. Some homes might struggle with this design objective because of walls blocking certain areas, but we recommend it to those who can afford the budget. 

#3 Value Accessibility And Functionality

Number three, never forget that kitchens are always food-preparation first, so value the accessibility and functionality of your work zones. The last thing anyone would want out from a kitchen is something that looks nice but doesn’t work too well, so it’s best you hammer down the functionality of three specific activities; cleanup, food prep, and storage. As a good rule of thumb, we recommend visualizing what a normal process looks like and how you would typically move from one area to the next. Recapture this process and guarantee that the design reinforces its accessibility. 

#4 Don’t Skimp Out On Equipment & Appliances

Number four, don’t skimp out on high-quality equipment and appliances because their functional lifespan is worth every dime. While we are strong advocates of cutting down budgets to get the most bang for your buck, there are certain aspects in a kitchen space that you can’t afford to cheap out on unless you find a deal sent down from heaven. Invest in quality sinks, refrigeration, dishwashers, and the like, so you’ll only ever need to worry about cleaning the kitchen ducts and other maintenance services. Plus, new kitchen equipment and appliances always end up looking great, so you get plus points in the aesthetics department. 

#5 Stick To A Design Motif

Last but not least, refrain from being all over the place with overdesigning and just stick to a clean and uniform design motif. One common problem that a lot of newbie home improvement enthusiasts experience when renovating and fixing up the kitchen is combining way too many ideas together. As a result, instead of being expressive and eye-catching, it ends up looking like a bad take on eclectic design motifs. We recommend using other modern kitchen designs as a reference and slowly work from there. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with adding a personal touch; just avoid doing too much that it takes away the beauty of other design elements. 

You Deserve A Beautiful Kitchen

Overall, it’s not that hard to get a beautiful kitchen if you’re willing to put in the effort and time to turn simple ideas into reality. And, if you follow the guidelines we’ve set above, we can guarantee that you’ll be enjoying every second of food preparation and eating with the family once the project is complete!

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