Why You Need a Covered Pergola at Home

A covered pergola is a fantastic addition to any home. It provides a beautiful and functional space in your backyard. But they don’t block out the sun completely.

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That’s where a covered pergola comes in. It’s a cover to put on top of your pergola to block the strong sunshine. That way, you get more shade underneath your pergola, perfect for those hot days.

Not only that, but sky poly also protects your pergola from the sun’s not-so-friendly rays. The sun can slowly damage the wood of your pergola over time. Another cool thing about a covered pergola is that it keeps the rain away. Pergolas typically don’t have roofs, so you can’t enjoy them when it starts pouring. But with a sky poly cover, you can use your pergola even on rainy days.

Plus, a covered pergola helps lower the temperature under your pergola. In this guide, they showed how the temperature dropped by a whopping 15 to 16 degrees. The change occurs after installing the covered pergola roof. That makes a huge difference, especially on scorching hot days. And here’s the best part: even though a covered pergola blocks out some of the sun, it still lets light through.

Your pergola will stay bright and airy. It won’t block the sunlight from entering your home through nearby windows. All in all, covering your pergola with sky poly sounds like a pretty good idea. The product gives you extra shade and protects your pergola from the sun and rain.


A covered pergola is a fantastic addition to any home.

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