What to Know Before Your Roof Installation Project

When it is time for a new roof or if you are considering contacting a roofing company for a replacement or repairs for your roof, there are some things you should know and want to ask. As the related video suggests, these are also things you should know and have prepared even before you talk to a roofing contractor. For every homeowner who may be considering a roof repair or roof installation project, here is what you should know.

Not all roofers are the same. That means that you want to talk to more than one roofer, and you want to interview the potential roofing contractors you are considering.

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How long have they been in business? How are they set up to work with your insurance (many roofing repairs are covered by home insurance policies)? And always check reviews and references. If you have to look for negative reviews or can’t find any, that is a good sign. If one of every three or four reviews is negative, that says a lot too.

It is also a good idea to talk to people you know who have used a roofing service, or even realtors who may use roofing companies more often. The good news is, there are plenty of reliable and professional contractors out there. Just be sure to do your homework and know who you are working with.


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