What Americans Have Been Renovating During the Pandemic

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According to the Bank of America data, many Americans have done DIY home projects during the COVID-19 pandemic. The majority of them are millennials. Half of them relied on home renovation videos available online. Meanwhile, some of them watched television shows that gave tips on how to redesign their homes. Those who engaged in DIY projects expressed increased happiness as they underwent the process of budgeting, design, and remodeling up until they completed the task.

This pandemic has also changed the perception of Americans on cleanliness and hygiene. Because of fear of the virus, people have prioritized cleaning their homes regularly to keep the virus away. According to a survey, 92 percent of Americans spray disinfectants on every surface at home. Half of them also intend to continue using disinfectants at home even after the pandemic.

Not only that but aside from regular cleaning and disinfecting, Americans were also interested in home improvement and design. Disinfecting the house keeps the virus away, but redesigning the house also keeps the stress away.

More Time for Home Improvement

A survey from Porch Research showed that quarantine due to the pandemic allowed people to improve their homes and that they had more time to renovate given the lockdown. To others, these activities meant upgrading their home, which makes it more comfortable.

And the home renovation might continue post-pandemic. At least 78 percent of respondents still have DIY projects to do in the next 12 months. These include renovations in the exterior and interior parts of the house. Some also invested in smart appliances for convenience.

Here are some home improvement activities people did last year, as shown in the Porch survey:

Repainting the Walls

People repainted their walls, not only because it is the most effortless home improvement activity to do inside the house. Since Zoom meetings are becoming common in the remote work setup, people need to redesign their rooms or home offices for a better background. Being stuck at home 24/7 also affects people’s mental health. Repainting the walls brings energy and instantly boosts the mood. Some even chose between a brighter and a darker theme to set the working mood.

Building a Home Office

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Almost everyone who is on a remote work setup has a specific corner at home. A study desk and a working chair, plus good lighting and good background and some house plants—all these are enough to have an excellent work-from-home setup.

Renovating the Bathroom

If someone asked you to clean your toilet every day for one whole year in exchange for $1 million, would you do it? Most likely not. Cleaning the toilet is America’s most hated chore at home during the pandemic, according to a survey conducted in 2018. Cleaning the oven, removing hair from the drain, and unclogging the sink were also among the most hated activities at home.

Some respondents loved cleaning the bathroom, though. Half of them were even cleaning the area behind the toilet every week. That might sound unappealing, yes, but very much impressive. Not all people have the stomach to clean the messiest part of the toilet every week.

Being stuck inside the house allowed people to see how messy their bathrooms were. Renovation activities included changing tiles, toilet bowls, and sinks. Because of this demand, many e-commerce businesses had to keep up. Buying bathroom accessories from online shops like bannersolutions.com also became a trend.

Installing New Light Fixtures

Again, this is a product of the need to organize a mini-office at home. People needed better lighting as they worked at home. Good lighting was also necessary for online meetings. Parents also made sure that the lights in their kids’ rooms were good enough for online classes. Others installed dim lights in their bedrooms to set the mood for rest after a long day’s work at home. Some also installed additional lights outside to keep the house secure. Safety became a priority, especially since the family is at home 24/7

Kitchen Improvement

Because home-cooked meals are in these days, people felt the need to improve their kitchen. Some have added storage by installing hanging cabinets to maximize space. Others have added countertops and bar stools because they have become interested in cooking and baking. Families have also added ovens, mixers, grillers, and other smart kitchen appliances.

It looks like more and more Americans have started to value their houses more amid the COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s not going to end after the pandemic is over. People do not only value their space at home nowadays. They also value cleanliness, comfort, and convenience. More than anything else, DIY projects are also perfect for mental health.

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