What a Cable Railing Contractor Does and How to DIY

A cable deck railing is a good addition to your property. You’ll learn how to construct a modern deck railing with horizontal cables. The first step is to construct the deck itself. In this case, you see an apa wood deck with cedar posts for the railing system. Railing posts get connected with a cedar cap.

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This railing system is different from a traditional one because it uses horizontal cables. The latter comes with vertical balusters. A cable railing contractor spaces the cables less than four inches apart. Doing so prevents children from getting their heads stuck between them. During installation, it’s vital to drill holes through the posts.


Then you thread stainless steel cables through the holes. After that, you tighten them up with nuts and washers. Having done that, you cover the ends of the cables with caps. If you hire a contractor, they’ll assess your space and measure everything. They make sure your railing meets all the safety standards.


One of the most important steps is securing cables to give the deck or staircase a cool look. The best part is handling the cable railing job as a DIY project is doable. You’ll need some basic tools, a dash of patience, and a sprinkle of know-how. There are tons of tutorials and kits to guide you through the process. Double-check those measurements, wear your safety goggles, and take your time.


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