Transform Your Patio for Autumn and Winter Use

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The Southern Hemisphere is finally entering the cold season, but that should not stop you from spending your day in your patio, enjoying the tranquility that being around nature offers. Here are some ideas that will make your patio ready for the upcoming autumn and winter.

If you do not have a patio, do not worry. There are companies that are willing to install patios in Sunshine Coast all year round.

A Covered Patio is Safe from Seasonal Changes

Although the primary point of having a patio is so that you can soak in the warmth of the sun during spring and summer, it is still advisable to have some sort of protection over your head.

A retractable awning is a good option. You can pull it out in case you find the heat to unbearable. It also makes sure that your outdoor furniture will not be subjected to constant changes in the weather. An awning will allow you to drink your morning coffee or read your favorite book in the patio without ruining the space’s overall look. It is an attractive addition to your property. Simply make sure that it is constructed to endure strong winds, heavy rains, and snow.

Cozy Furniture

Those cheap plastic tables and chairs are waterproof and will be easy to move around, but they do not look good at all. Instead, opt for furniture that may have a bit of weight but will create a cozy atmosphere. You can always buy cushions and pillows that are created to be used outside and were made with weatherproof material. This will allow you to hang out in your patio for long hours of the day. There are plenty of options to choose from depending on the look you are going for and how much you are willing to spend.

A Fire Pit

Fire pit

To escape the chilly night breeze, light up your own fire pit to warm you up. Typically, a fire pit is a hole in the ground where one can safely start a fire. However, recently, it has become a term that is also used to refer to structures that can contain a fire above the ground.

A fire pit must be surrounded by rocks, metal, or brick — materials that are known to be flame-resistant. It can be a fire hazard so, before you add one to your patio, make sure that it will not come in contact with anything that might burn like plants, fabric, wood, etc. You can buy your own fire pit that you can use without digging deep into the ground. There are ones that are fueled by propane and ones that have a metal covering.

Mood Lighting for Winter

With the arrival of autumn and then winter, you can expect the days to grow shorter while the nights become longer. To enable you and your family or friends to hang out in your patio even after the sun has gone down, add a few light fixtures to illuminate the area.

A bright fluorescent light is fine, but it hardly sets the mood. In fact, because snow reflects light, it might be too harsh which will force you to retreat inside. You can create a cozy atmosphere by placing lamps with warm yellow lights around the patio. Another option is string lights that you can hang overhead.

You can hang out in your patio any time. As long as you have the right furniture, your patio can be a place of relaxation and leisure even during autumn and winter.

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