Top 7 Clinic Design Tips for 2021

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The worldwide COVID-19 situation has put a spotlight on health and wellness. With the need to create better lifestyle choices, healthcare is one of the industries that are predicted to grow stronger in 2021. Design trends for clinic spaces have taken a shift towards functional and pragmatic elements and a cleaner, more solid aesthetic.

If you feel that your existing clinic space is stuck in a rut or want to upgrade your look, worry no more. Here are our top 7 tips on how you can give your facility a fresh, updated look.


Adding natural elements such as wood and plants softens the whole look of your facility and provides a resting point for the eyes. Pick air-purifying plants that are easy to maintain and would do well in a cold environment. Popular indoor plants that would look attractive in a clinic are fig tree, snake plant, and aloe vera. Take care to avoid plants that may cause allergies or skin irritation to your patients.


A minimalist theme is always a good choice for a healthcare facility. Simple and relaxing, it gives off a lighthearted vibe that is conducive to putting your patients at ease. A neutral palette of whites, grays, and beige tones will go well with a minimalist theme. Adding a textured accent wall near your reception creates an area of interest in your facility and adds warmth to the space.

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Understated luxury

The year 2021 sees the move to unique pieces and handcrafted décor. To give your space an understated but luxurious feel, use jewel hues and textured fabrics as accent pieces. Adding items with gold trimming or embellishment sparingly to your space creates an elegant look without going overboard.

Functional furniture

Health-focused furniture is becoming a trend in clinics and wellness facilities. Easy to fit into small spaces, these multifunctional pieces are designed to minimize injury to patients and healthcare personnel and serve patient-specific purposes. Adding furniture details like tables designed for elderly care and chairs contoured for comfort tell your patients that you care about their health needs as well as their safety.

Spa theme

Incorporating design elements of spa and wellness facilities are now becoming a trend for clinics. The move to creating healthy lifestyle habits and holistic wellness has nudged healthcare facilities to provide gentler and more integrated options for their patients. Apart from incorporating aromatherapy, physical therapy, and nutritional diet plans into their list of services, some clinics are also updating their look to include elements like the sound of running water and ambient lighting into their interior design.

With the global pandemic having people focusing on healthier choices and holistic wellness, healthcare facilities are adapting to this shift, as well. It is quite understandable that some patients may have anxiety about visiting clinics and hospitals because of COVID-19. Giving your clinic space a facelift could encourage your patients to visit your facility more and help them enjoy their stay there.

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