Tips for Protecting Your Roofs Warranty

Most of us have heard the expression that it is important to keep a roof over our heads. In other words, it is necessary that we pay our bills to ensure that we have a place to live and call home. What many of us probably haven’t heard as often, if at all, is that it is also important to protect the roof over our heads, which has nothing to do with paying the bills but everything to do with our roof’s warranty, which one roofer discusses in the attached video. That’s right, the same warranty that protects your roof from failing and that makes it possible (and feasible) to get repairs done when they are needed.

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There are several steps homeowners should take or even avoid when it comes to protecting their roof’s warranty. The first and most common piece of advice is to read the warranty. In many cases, that will include both a manufacturer’s warranty and the warranty from your roofer, often referred to as a workmanship warranty. In both cases, there will be conditions that are listed that could void your warranty. These can include contracting another roofer for repairs or even attempting repairs yourself. So, read your contract, understand your warranty, and make sure you protect the roof that protects you and your family.

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