Tips for Preparing Your Garage for a New Epoxy Floor

Epoxy flooring services can completely transform a garage floor, as seen in this video. Preparation is simpler when homeowners follow a few quick steps. Here’s how to prepare a garage for a new epoxy floor.

Clean off dirt and debris from the floor.

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Use a sweeping brush and vacuum cleaner to get rid of any particles that may impede the epoxy. Plus, professionals can see exactly what they’re working with, for example, cracks or old paint that needs special treatment.

Use a level to check for bumps and raised areas. A flat grinding wheel tool can help level these out ready for the new flooring products. Epoxy will pool in lower areas and not cling properly to raised lumps.

Grinding concrete creates mess and dust. Wear protective equipment like goggles and a mask or respirator. Consider using a vacuum to pull dust out throughout the process.

The concrete garage floor then needs special attention to remove trapped debris and old paint. Use a paint stripper to take off undercoat or flecks of old paint. Then, grind any cracks slightly wider and suck out the resulting dust and debris with a vacuum cleaner.

It can be inexpensive and simple to prepare a garage floor for epoxy flooring services. Just ensure anyone working is protected and using safe equipment. Keeping the area flat and dust free are the core aspects of this process.

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