Homeowner Diaries: Three Most Popularly Renovated Areas of the House


It’s impossible to dream about being a homeowner one day and not think about what kind of house you’ll end up having. Or rather, what kind of house you’ll want to have. But sadly, not everyone can afford to buy their dream houses because of the fluctuating prices in the housing market, so they often settle for the next best.

Fortunately, nothing on earth is ever permanent. This means that people can buy houses and make changes according to their personal preferences. And because it’s their house, no one will bat an eye even if they decide to go with non-traditional improvements that are simply out of this world.

Choosing to renovate a house can be both exciting and overwhelming because of the sheer number of possible upgrades that you can go with. If you don’t reel your ideas in, the entire project could implode because your visions are all over the place. So, it’s better to focus on specific areas and work your way from there.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms are three areas of the house where most homeowners spend a lot of their time. That’s why it’s unsurprising that these are the same areas automatically on the top of people’s minds when it comes to renovating. Here’s what they often do during the renovation project:


For cooking enthusiasts and hobbyists, having a great kitchen is a must. But most houses sold on the market don’t usually focus on making great kitchens. They are subpar but functional at best. That’s why if you want a kitchen that’s built according to your specific tastes and needs, you’ll benefit from making the renovation.

However, even if you don’t spend a lot of time in the kitchen, it will be good to have your personal touch infused into the design. That may even become your source of inspiration to start cooking and making your own food more, which can help you save money on take-outs, deliveries, or instant food.

If you don’t know where to begin re-imagining your kitchen, you can start by making a list of priorities. Do you want to have marble countertops, deep drawers, and an island in the center of your kitchen? Or do you prefer having a walk-in pantry that can help you be more organized when it comes to your stocks?

Your list of priorities will help you narrow down your choices and settle on a design that will not only benefit you but also add value to your property. Having an amazing kitchen can be a worthwhile investment but remember that you shouldn’t have to break your bank just to get it.



After kitchens, bathrooms are the next most popular renovation projects because these areas are essential to daily life. Most days start and end with you using the bathroom, which is why it’s wise to have it renovated according to your specific needs. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with wanting a pretty bathroom, even if it’s only for your eyes.

This area of the house is so much more than just a place to make excreted deposits. It can be your own sanctuary away from the chaos of the outside world, especially if you can draw yourself a bath and just relax in the warm tub. Or it could be where you go to relieve your stress with a cold shower after a long day at work.

But aside from the appearance upgrade, renovating your bathroom can also help you increase your property’s value. You can work with experts in the field to have custom bathroom installations that will help you achieve your dream bathroom. That is if you have dreams of the perfect bathroom.

And while you’re at it, you can make practical upgrades, such as insulating your tiled floors, switching your plumbing fixtures for water-efficient ones, or adding ambient lighting to your bathroom. The sky is the limit. But keep in mind that renovations cost money, so you might want to take it easy with your ideas.


The last area on this list is the bedroom because aside from the kitchen and bathroom, this is where homeowners usually spend most of their time. However, unlike the other two renovation projects, bedrooms don’t usually experience a lot of movement or upgrades, construction-wise.

Unless, of course, if it involves tearing down walls to create space for a walk-in closet. But other than that, bedrooms are typically redesigned by replacing wallpapers, painting over the existing paint, or adding wall-mounted shelving to increase storage space.

Through renovation, you can have the house of your dreams without having to compromise or settling for second best. But remember that everything comes at a cost, which means you shouldn’t do everything at once because you might not be able to afford it. Take your time and set a comfortable pace so that you won’t overwhelm yourself in the process.

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