Touchless Home Tech: How Video Doorbell Conquered Our Hearts during the Pandemic

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For centuries, touch has become a symbol of human interaction. When people feel connected, they show their connection by touching one another. A handshake is a fine example, so are the simple high-5s we gave to friends and colleagues to show approval or glee.

In the age of the virus, however, touch is a no-no. Sidelined as a dangerous practice, touch has given way to social distancing. So much, medical doctors are prescribing post-vaccine hugs these days to ease the tension of a touch-averse society.

So, it’s no accident video doorbells and a host of touchless/wireless solutions are gaining ground in multitudes of homes across America. As fear ravaged the land with hundreds of thousands of Americans dead, people are choosing to do away with as much contact as possible. And that includes the delivery guy and untimely guests.

It would definitely be advantageous on your part to explore the merits of the video doorbell and how it has become an integral part of the safety of our homes in America. While vaccines have given us some light at the end of the tunnel, knowing who is at the door without having to directly interact in person is essential.

Video Doorbells to the Fore

It was but natural. When coming to the store became a liability, you let the store come to you. And so was born America’s biggest boom these days: online ordering.

And we need not look that far to know how big e-commerce has become during the pandemic. Amazon’s rise as the biggest online store on the planet is historic. According to New York Times, Amazon’s sales grew by $6.3 billion more to rise to $96.1 billion in 2020, up 37% from the year before that. Not only has the online giant added over 250,000 employees to come up with over 1 million workers, but also has made Jeff Bezos, founder, a billionaire nearly twice over. Bezos’ personal wealth is now estimated at $203 billion, up by 80% compared to his worth in March 2020.

All those deliveries from Amazon and a host of other online sellers mean more and more strangers are delivering goodies to your home. And with all that visits are risks of dealing with someone that has the virus. Certainly, touchless security tools such as the video doorbell made all the more sense.

Take note that as per CDC guidelines visitors must follow protocols to limit contamination of surfaces. This also means you don’t use just about any household cleaner to clean high-touch surfaces. Viruses could stick to a surface for days to risk contamination.

In a way, it’s the reason why getting janitorial cleaning is wise. If you want high-touch surfaces in your house to be as clean and virus-free as possible, professional cleaners matter. Not only do these cleaning experts have the right tools to get the job done, but they also have ample experience to finish the job quickly in the most efficient way.

Video doorbells have been in demand even before the pandemic. For one, they top the list of home security solutions moving over outdoor cameras and alarm systems.

The Benefits of Video Doorbells in Securing Homes

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Video doorbells are a timely tool for the pandemic. It is an answer to the fear of having to interact with a stranger at the door. For one, you need not have to go near the door to address whatever transaction awaits you. That means you free yourself of the risk of getting infected.

Plus, unlike traditional methods before, you need not get the door just to verify the identity of the visitor. Worse, traditional doorbells before can be used by thieves to verify if you’re at the home or not. When these unscrupulous criminals press the button and you don’t answer, that can be their cue that no one is inside your home.

Even better, video doorbells allow you to talk to the person at the door. Equipped with two-way audio, you can actually hold a conversation with the visitor without having to talk face to face.

As you can see who is at the door through a live video, your transaction can be done seamlessly with no contact needed whatsoever. In short, it’s like a standing guard. What’s even more interesting is you can use infrared technology to identify who’s at the door even at night when it’s dark.

Best of all, this is smart technology. You can record the suspicious activity online and download it as evidence. And share it with your inner circle or the police if need be.

And lest we forget, Amazon prides itself on carrying the product Amazon’s Ring has become a household word in America. It can be your cue to get a good brand too.

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