Shower Tile Installation Steps

Jazzing up your bathroom with brand-new shower tiles leaves it looking like a fancy spa retreat. The best part is that this guide shows you how to redo a wall. You’ll learn the best way to make it waterproof. Start by removing the old tiles or fiberglass walls.

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Wear a special mask to protect yourself from dust.


After that, check the wall behind it to make sure it’s all good. Then, you can put in a new backer board, so it won’t get moldy from all the shower water. As for making everything waterproof, there are two ways to do this. You can put up a special sheet behind the backer board. Or paint a waterproof layer on top of it. The paint-on stuff is the best way to go. Remember to put on two coats.


Now for the fun part – picking out your tiles and how you want them to look. Find shower tile products from the same batch so the color matches. You also want to plan how to lay the tiles, so you don’t end up with weird, tiny cuts at the end. When placing the tiles on the wall, mark where the second row will go.


Then, put up a board to help you keep the rows straight. Use a special tool to spread glue on the wall, a little bit at a time. Push the tiles in nice and tight. Don’t forget to use spacers between the tiles, so the gaps are all the same size. Once you’ve got all the tiles in place, remove the board and fill in any holes with that waterproof stuff you used earlier.


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