Revamping Your Porch on a Budget in 2021

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Getting started on your porch renovation is both an exciting and nerve-wracking endeavor. There’s the initial excitement of making plans and envisioning the end product. Then, there’s the less fun task of mapping out expenses and contacting people who can make it happen.

Now that you have finally sat down to figure out the logistics, you may be worried about pushing through with your renovation plans. Fret not. It is absolutely possible to revamp your front porch without losing control of your budget.

Prepare Your Renovation Pegs

Inspiration can come from anywhere. It can be something you saw on a visit to a friend’s house, a show you watched on TV, or a home improvement article you read online.

Gather these sources of inspiration so you can sort through your pegs easily. Creating a Pinterest board is a simple, enjoyable way to curate them and find more that could be fitting for your porch project. These pegs will come in handy when deciding which parts to spend or skimp on.

Define Your Budget

Before you dive into your front porch renovation, it’s important to have a reasonable, clearly defined budget. Starting your project from a vague estimate can tempt you to make hasty decisions and go over budget later.

Decide how much money can go into your renovation, and add 10% on top of it for emergency expenses. This will help you temper your expectations and address how to go about it.


Some helpful questions to ask:

  • What are the most important points for improvement on my porch?
  • Which of these is negotiable? Which are non-negotiable?
  • Can I afford to hire a professional?
  • Where can I find affordable and high-quality materials?
  • Are there parts that I can do on my own or make a family project?

Small Changes, Big Results

Remodeling your porch on a budget will mean having to pare down initial ideas and choosing the parts to prioritize. Here are some ideas for targeted changes that will make big differences in your home.


Is your porch too exposed? Does the roof let in too much or too little sunlight? Oftentimes the biggest makeover your front porch needs is a roof update.

A great way to refresh your alfresco space is by having retractable patio awnings installed to extend your roof area. These provide privacy and shade on hot or rainy days and can be folded back to light up your porch on other days. A good canopy can make all the difference in making your porch cozier and livelier without needing a complete overhaul.


There’s no need to break the bank when adding lighting to your home. There is a great range of budget-friendly options in the market to match the style and feel of your porch.

Tip: Note the electrical wiring in your porch. This, along with your style pegs, will narrow down the kind of light fixtures you will want to purchase.

A New Paint Job

Sometimes, a fresh paint job is what will breathe new life into a lifeless porch. Remember: the look of your front porch dictates the mood of the rest of your home. Ensure it makes a good statement.

Start with your front door, since it’s where the eyes are immediately drawn to when visiting a home. Give it a pop of color and paint the walls and ceilings a complementary shade for an affordable way of adding personality to your home.


One of Architectural Digest’s renovation trends for 2021 is “extending the indoors into the outdoors.” This means that your home’s outdoor area is seen as an extension of what is inside.

Don’t hesitate to add outdoor seating, throw pillows, plants, and other kinds of decoration on your porch. The sky’s the limit! When you’re shopping, keep referring to your pegs to maintain a clear picture of what you want the final product to look like.

Should I DIY?

Doing your front porch renovation by yourself will certainly save you money. However, some parts of your house should be tended to by construction professionals for safety and the best results.

Consider renovations you may need to install roof covers or sliding doors, for example. The preparations and installation involved in these will require the assistance of experts. These portions of your house will need professional attention, but you can do some parts as a personal project, like painting the house and buying decorations.

Keep your inspirations in mind and stay within budget. Follow these simple tips as you renovate, and you will be able to create a revamped front porch where you and your family can go for relaxation.

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