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2020 was the year when people’s attention shifted to discovering and rediscovering hobbies as everyone’s lives became less eventful. Because of this, home renovations saw a significant increase. So much so that based on a 2020 report, 57% of homeowners in the U.S. did some form of home improvement. Some homeowners did these renovations themselves, and some hired the help of professionals like construction crews and rendering services.

As the home renovation is a trend that will likely continue for a few more years, as 71% of homeowners said they would, it’s time for you to join the fad if you haven’t yet. If your house is one of those that has seen some recent renovations and if you’re running out of ideas about what else you can do, then check out this list.

Renovation Trends For The The New Normal

The latest home renovation trends incorporate energy efficiency, smart home technology, exterior remodeling, and turning rooms into multipurpose spaces. Most of these trends make spaces in people’s houses flexible, organized, and efficient. Here are some of them:

  • Giving more than one purpose for rooms

The home renovation trend is teaching people that spaces can serve more than just one purpose. It has given people ideas on maximizing the spaces they frequently spend time in and even those they seldom use. These rooms include the bedrooms, living rooms, basements, and porches.

Since being at home for most of the time has ignited interests that people considered passive hobbies like watching TV and playing video games, many people have turned their living rooms into a home theater. This idea could give anyone some pre-pandemic era vibes; it’s like you’re out in the cinema and watching movies. All that you will need is a blank wall or a screen, a projector, beanbags, and some fun films.

You could also convert some rooms into a game room for video games, table games, and board games. Whatever you decide to turn your rooms into, you can get creative, and the end product should give you extra entertainment and a much-needed form of escapism from the current crisis.

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  • Creating green spaces indoors and outdoors

Another trend that saw a significant increase in interest is gardening. If you feel like gardening isn’t for you, then you might want to rethink that. Gardening doesn’t just improve the overall ambiance of your house, but it is also a hobby with many health benefits. It could give you vitamin D, boost your mood, and keep you active. These benefits could lessen the risks of cancer, diabetes, obesity, and diseases related to the heart, high blood, and bones.

Additionally, if you decide to bring your gardening to the next level by planting bigger trees and growing your food, you would also be helping the environment while living a sustainable life. It’s also refreshing not to have to go too far to have a little nature. Gardening has an endless number of benefits, so it’s time to put your green thumb to work.

  • Creating a home office haven

Working from home is another trend that the pandemic has forced most people to accept as the new reality. Of course, it’s natural to miss the outside world, the commutes, saying hello to your co-workers, going to your favorite restaurant for lunch, and every part of the pre-pandemic world. But you don’t have to be bummed out by the new normal of work, especially since you can turn your home office into a sanctuary you would look forward to waking up to every day.

It’s essential to put your home office in a room where it’s convenient without many distractions, which should also give you a good amount of sunlight from a right-sized window. It could be your bedroom or a corner in your living room.

Once you’ve chosen your spot, you can choose a sturdy table and chair. You have to make sure that they have the proper measurements, so even if you end up sitting in front of your laptop all day, you wouldn’t have any back problems. Then, you can add some of your favorite things on your table, like a framed photo, some succulents, your favorite mug on your coaster, and some other trinkets that could make another work-from-home day more bearable for you.

A House Is Not A Home

Indeed, there are more trends that you should try. If this pandemic continues, then many people will likely come out of it as design enthusiasts. Like the song goes, a house is not a home, but you can turn it into one.

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