Interior Designs for the Modern Homeowner

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It is a dream come true for many people to finally own a house, especially as it is not easy to accomplish. Having your own place means having a safe space. The most exciting part is making that safe space into a more personal place by decorating the interiors.

Many interior designs out there will fit your personality, but sometimes having many options can be a little confusing. But for the modern homeowners, you can narrow the choices down to only four, which should help you make up your mind.

Modern Interiors for Modern Homeowners

Each person has a unique taste, especially in how they want their personal spaces to look and feel like. This means that whatever you like, there is something for you in the interior designing department, whether you like a minimalist space or something that has more character. Here are some modern interior designs which can help you decide which one you want for your house to give it the vibe you need:

1. Scandinavian

Scandinavian, also known as Scandi, is a style that brings in a lot of light from oversized windows that white walls reflect in your rooms. You can ditch thinking of using curtains for this kind of interior design as it is not a normal part of houses in Sweden or Denmark. But if you feel like too much sunlight is too intense for you, you can also opt to install plantation shutters on your windows.

This interior style focuses on an almost minimalistic way of decorating, so you might need to do some decluttering to give your space a more straightforward look that is functional but still aesthetically pleasing and modern. Furthermore, adding some wood-centric furniture and some woolen blankets would complete your Scandinavian look.

2. Industrial

The key elements of the industrial style or industrial chic are large open spaces with raw textures where the walls and ceilings would usually sport exposed structural elements like steel pipes, air ducts, and metal beams. Brick walls, chipped paint, and recycled furniture made of metal and wood are standard features of this interior style.

For the decorations, you can go heavy on this part because industrial interiors would usually boast a collection of antique pieces or upcycled objects made of metal and wood to match the furniture. The walls can also be a perfect spot to hang some life-sized posters, framed photos, or paintings.

Living in a space with an industrial interior is supposed to channel old factories or industrial spaces, hence the name of the style. Usually, rooms would give a look that an architect converted them into a loft-like warehouse apartment in Manhattan with its edgy, urban, and rustic feel.

3. Hamptons

Houses with a Hamptons interior design usually feature light blue and white colors. The paint and the overall vibe are whitewashed but still give off a beach house vibe. Although this style is widely popular in Australia, it is also known as an Americanized French-inspired interior style that uses many baroque and rococo decorations for aesthetic purposes.

As for the kitchen, marble is usually the material used on tabletops and benchtops, while cabinets have glass doors. Elsewhere in the house, most furniture has to be oversized to complete the Hamptons look. Having some indoor plants can also be a good idea. Overall, this kind of interior style should give off a seaside vibe that is perfect for people who love the ocean.

4. Urban Modern

As the name of this style suggests, this is perfect for homeowners who want their house to have a contemporary feel. Urban modern is influenced by the cosmopolitan, which prioritizes turning spaces into a modern-looking and trendy setting. It’s also not afraid to experiment by combining opposing elements that complement each other.

Urban modern is a style most commonly found in big city apartments. It also focuses on creating sleek and semi-minimalistic spaces for your house by combining comfort and glamor with the use of large furniture and other decorative items. It is a hip and modern style with a very inviting vibe that is perfect for any modern homeowner.

Your House, Your Style

The best thing about interior design is that you don’t have to limit the design of your house to the rules of your chosen style. You can combine two or three designs to come up with a totally unique look that will fit your personality more. At the end of the day, it’s your space, so you can set the rules and break them.

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