Update, Don’t Renovate: Make Changes to Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

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Everyone wants a cozy, well-designed home. Many people, especially in isolation, have taken on DIY home projects to make their place look better. Others have totally renovated their homes. But the latter is costly and is filled with unexpected expenses. Sometimes, what a house needs are a few updates and not a grand rework. How can we update homes without going through renovations? Here are changes you can apply to your home that does not involve a hefty amount of money.

1. Make way for open space in your home.

A living area with a lot of space looks more attractive than a cramped room. It is more appealing and looks more put-together. Sometimes, moving things around do the trick. Yet, sometimes, homeowners have to get rid of bulky fixtures that do not serve their purpose. Removing these heavy-looking objects in your living space can create more open space.

Another good trick is to put more mirrors around. When mirrors are placed opposite windows, they make the room seem more airy and open. You can also consider painting your walls fresh in warmer tones for your room to look bigger.

2. Add a special spot into your room.

Another way to add an illusion of space is to have a dedicated spot where you can unwind. Whether it’s a place you want to spend time reading or to have a cup of tea, this spot can make your home feel homier.

Place a comfortable chair, a tatami, or a couch on the corner with a nice coffee table. Add a mat from Doormat to your space to make it look chicer. These can look like an accent piece that blends well into your updated room. You can use it in your reading nook to add a bit of flavor to your design.

3. Play around with your window treatments.

Windows are overlooked most of the time. Yet, how we treat them makes a lot of difference. The way you dress your windows for privacy can add to your interior decor. You can choose from a variety of textures and treatments that will match the design of your home.

For one, keep your windows open when you can. The natural light that comes into your room can make your room feel bigger. Moreover, using natural light during the daytime can save you a lot of money on utilities.

If you want your space to look classic without trying so hard, you can choose window panels. You can also make your space look more vintage with minimalist bamboo shades. Another way to update your window to make your home seem bigger and better would be to match it with colors that complement your walls.

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4. Update your walls with newer wallpaper.

While you can always paint your walls, there are times when a painting could be messy and hard to do. Hence, go for wallpapers that are easy to install and manage. The market has many removable wallpaper choices that come in different patterns that will make your room pop. These wallpapers can be peeled off without harming your painted walls. Most of these can be reused, too.

5. Bring out sentimental items for display.

Some items are meant to be displayed. Whether it is a family heirloom, a piece of art, your comic collection, or a sculpture, treat it as a centerpiece for your updated room. You can also stack your favorite books near the coffee table or place your antique chest in the middle of the living room as a coffee table. Don’t make your space too strict with design rules. Your place becomes more you when you add your favorite things into it.

6. Bring the outdoors inside.

Green is the color of peace and nature. It helps soothe your tired eyes. Moreover, it can induce feelings of calmness into your relaxed space.

Adding greeneries to your home can make any room feel more relaxing and peaceful.  Placing plants into certain parts of your room can also make your space look bigger. Make sure to place these plants where they can get sunlight so that they can last longer even if you do not have much time to maintain them.

7. Add trendy furniture that can double as organizers.

It can be hard to keep your place tidy. However, certain furniture pieces have multiple purposes. Invest in an ottoman or a table with shelves. You can put toys, books, and other items in these places. Yet, always remember that less is more. Choose furniture that is compact yet functional.

A nice home is a great investment. If you want to change your space, you do not always have to go for renovation right away. Sometimes, just a few updates can make your space look better.


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