Life in a Motor Home: A Good Alternative

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Tiny house living has become a popular alternative. Especially to those who want to live with less stuff and save more money for other needs. There is also one type of home that is very comparable to tiny house living: motor home living.  

A motorhome or RV typically measures between 250 and 350 square feet. Some modern and upgraded versions of the RVs feature slide outs. This can take the measurement of up to 450 or maybe 500 square feet at a stretch. With this size, there isn’t much room to move.  

Motor homes are designed as living quarters that you can take with you wherever you go. The good thing about it is you can park it anywhere. From beaches, to camping sites, even beside forests or the city. Being in different locations makes RV living an adventure.  

Unfortunately RV living or motor home living is always attached to the homeless. There is an automatic sense of sympathy that we feel when you hear people talk about it. You have this picture in your mind of a home on wheels. It is typically small and cramped up inside. And only fits a single bed and stuff jammed inside a small space.  

A tiny house can have a size of 500 to 700 square feet. But an RV can be much smaller. This gives the impression that RV living is not comfortable. And can be a symbol of being poor. But by providing good reasons, RV living can be a great alternative. To make this possible one must have creativity, imagination and some architectural knowledge. A little science and a good motivation, a decision to motor living is possible.  

Here are some good reasons to live in a motorhome:

#1 Much Freedom To Enjoy  

Adult life is all about bills to pay and schedule to follow. We are supposed to pay the mortgage, pay rent, and pay for groceries. Too many responsibilities. And that shackles us from a better life that we can enjoy. Imagine the places you can go in your RV.  

With an RV you can enjoy driving around different locations. And you get to do it at home. Enjoy freedom from paying monthly rent. Enjoy freedom from paying monthly mortgage. For as low as $40,000 you get to own a good size motor home. Complete with the amenities of a regular home.

This time, there are no more energy bills to pay, Just put up a solar panel. No need to pay “homeowner’s insurance”. You get to travel anywhere at any time. You get to save money.  

family living on an RV

#2 Cheaper Maintenance  

The U.S. has many states that you can consider as “RV Friendly”. This is due to many reasons that benefit that kind of lifestyle. One of them is Indiana. The State of Indiana is known to have friendly people. It is also one one of the safest and has a very low crime rate which makes your RV safe from thieves and burglars.  

But best of all, cities in Indiana are not too big. Very good for your small motor home. And they have a low cost of living. Giving you more financial space. By keeping a motor home, you get to save on fuel costs. You enjoy cheaper cleaning, air conditioning maintenance, and professional plumbing services. The opportunities are endless.   So if you are looking for a place to stay. An RV friendly State. A place not too big. And can accommodate your financial needs. Then the State of Indiana is a good place to stay.  

#3 Selling Your Motorhome

Of course, there will be a time you will enter a crossroads. Someday, especially if you start your own family, you will think about your future. That day you would like to decide to get off the road. Then settle in a normal home. And you have to be ready for that. Remember that with good maintenance, good housekeeping and keeping documents intact. Selling your motor home will be very easy. Please note that just like you there are many others who would like to enjoy the same perks. This is especially applicable to newly married couples.

It is important to keep your home beautiful. Keep it well maintained. And keep it clean and complete of documents. So when you have to let it go, there will be no regrets.  

Keep in mind that keeping a tiny house is not just a logical decision. It is also connected with emotions. Especially when you have stayed there for years. Simply take note of everything we have discussed. And you will enjoy RV living to the fullest.

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