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Home improvement projects increased in the United States after the pandemic started. With a lot of time on the hands of Americans, they turned to enhance their homes to make remote working easier to handle.

But home remodeling shouldn’t only be limited to making it look better. It should involve making it secure to keep burglars away when you’re not at home. Research has shown that burglary is the second most common property crime in the United States. To counter this, you should implement measures to prevent burglars from targeting your home.

Here are some things you can do to keep your home safe and secure:

Secure the Doors and Windows

Check all the exterior doors in the house to see if the hinges are protected, and the door frames are strong. You should also make sure the mail slot is far from the doorknob to prevent anyone from trying to unlock the door through it.

You can also reinforce the door by adding steel to the frame. This prevents it from splitting and makes the door kick-proof. You can also install high-gauge steel on the door jambs. You can then secure with long screws that should penetrate the wall studs along the sides of the door. To ensure the steel reinforcement is done properly, you can look for a reputable steel fabricator who can work on the doors for you.

If you just moved to a new house that was once someone else’s residence, you should change the door locks. This prevents strangers who may have keys to the old locks from entering the house. You can even use smart locks. Installing a deadbolt and video doorbell is a good idea to enhance security. A glass break sensor or door sensor is also useful to alert you if the glass door was tampered with by would-be burglars.

Light Up the Front and Back Yards

Keeping the front lawn and back yard well-lighted will make your home less appealing for burglars. Besides the lawn and back yard, you can also position lights along the walkways and close to the garage. Aside from keeping criminals at bay, you’ll also avoid stumbling up to your own house at night since you’ll see where you’re going.

To reduce the cost of electricity, you can use solar-powered lights with a motion-activated sensor. If you’re planning to go out of town, timer-activated outdoor lights are ideal.

Set Up a Smart Security System

A smart security system is a good investment if you want to keep your home secure. You can opt for a DIY security system or one that’s installed by a professional security company. While the first option is cheaper, the second one offers many features you may not install yourself.

But before installing a smart security system, you may want to pass by the local police station and check crime statistics in your neighborhood. You can even ask the authorities to help you evaluate the security needs of your home.

Once you have the information you need, you can start looking for a good security system. A good smart security system would come with a mobile app to control the system. It should feature voice control, keyless entry, garage door control, two-way audio, live and recorded videos, lighting control, and climate control.

Signing up with a security company also comes with in-home security consultation and 24/7 professional monitoring. The professional technicians of the company also install the equipment.

Install Security Cameras

Installing security cameras is also a good idea to stop potential burglaries. If you have a smart security system installed, it will likely come with its own set of cameras. But you can also install independent cameras that allow you to monitor your home through your smartphone.

These cameras should have features that increase the security of your home. These features include night vision, motion detection, local and cloud storage, two-way talk function, Wi-Fi capability, and a weatherproof casing for cameras you install outside the house.

Use a Home Automation System

Home automation allows you to remotely control the lights, security cameras, smart locks, and smoke alarms. The system essentially converts an ordinary home into a smart home. The system can even send alerts to your smartphone if it detects suspicious activity in and around the house.

The system should have these features: the ability to control safety devices in the house, a smart doorbell with a camera, and a recorded video feed whenever someone approaches your driveway.

These days, the current situation makes it even more important to ensure our homes are safe and secure.

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