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Just over 70% of The Local readers reject the idea of imposing a general speed limit on Germany’s Autobahn, which is famous for having zones with no speed restrictions. That’s the result of a survey we conducted to find out readers’ views.

Proposals to impose speed limits on the highways have long divided the country. Some argue that putting a general speed limit in place, often touted as 130km/h (80mp/h), would make roads safer and reduce carbon emissions. However, for many people inside and outside Germany, the speed limit-free motorways are a strong part of the country’s car-loving culture and history.


When we asked what comes to mind when you think of Germany’s Autobahn network, the majority of answers were positive responses. Many people answered with “speed”, “no speed limit” or “fast”.

People called it:

  • Great
  • Well-maintained
  • Functional
  • Efficient

One reader called it “the best Autobahn/highway in the world”, while another said: “I have driven in India, UK, Singapore, and Germany and I will say Germany has the best Autobahns.”

A respondent told The Local that the Autobahn is “a testament to German engineering, quality and innovation that is tried and has triumphed over the years”.

“The automobile industry’s finest works are born to be enjoyed on this road. However I do speak for safety and wellness of others, so I believe there should be some moderation but not to damage the Autobahn legacy,” the reader added.

Inconsiderate drivers

Others pointed out the not so great things. One respondent said the Autobahn had “a dwindling number of segments that still permit free speed, due to increasing congestion”.

Many people said traffic jams were a regular occurrence, while one respondent said the Autobahn had “inconsiderate drivers and speeders”

by Andrew Cornegi | December 20, 2018

A respondent called the Autobahn “dangerous”, while another said there are “too many car crashes”, and an “incredible amount of portions under work or renovation”.

A reader pointed out that the road network had a lot of “potholes” and “impatient drivers”.

One respondent pointed out that there were “dangerous discrepancies in the speeds of vehicles”, while another said the roads were “safe and fair”.

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