How to Lower Pool pH Without Chemicals That Are Typically Recommended

As a pool owner, it is important to maintain the pH level of the pool so that you can safely swim in it, but you don’t have to use the standard chemicals, according to this video. There are other options available where you can lower pool pH without chemicals and enjoy a healthy place to swim. You will need items like baking soda, soda ash, muriatic acid, and cyanuric acid — all that can be found at a supermarket and cost a fraction of the cost of the chemicals.

Baking soda is used to raise the alkaline in your water and can replace the alkalinity increase that you’re used to purchasing.

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To raise the pH of water, you can use soda ash or borax to make it more acidic. Muriatic acid can be used to bring down the pH level of your pool water. To replace the chlorine, you can add cyanuric acid to the pool levels. You can avoid using the calcium hardiness chemicals by taking down your pool and setting it up again each year, which keeps the calcium from building.

If you really want to eliminate the use of chlorine, add a salt water system into your pool, and a mineral system to maintain the filtration of the water and allow your pool to have a lower pool pH without chemicals.

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