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Of course, there’s the internet. Everything you need, you can find online. And you can find them quite quickly too. But if you need a home repair professional, you want someone you have seen work before. You want someone you can trust. Not some random person claiming to be an expert on Craigslist.

Remember that your house is like a living, breathing creature. At times, its parts will malfunction. And you will need to call a house doctor. When this happens, it is better if you already have a list of home repair experts in your phone book. It is in your best interest to keep the contact details of the following:


You do not know when you will have a leaky faucet. Or when one of your pipes gets clogged. If those happen in the middle of the night, just when you are preparing a special dinner for your family, you need to call an expert plumber who will gladly disregard that it’s past work hours and drive straight to your home. Otherwise, you might have to wait overnight. Now, what if the problem is a clogged toilet, which is as urgent as it gets?

HVAC expert

It is officially winter. You must stay warm throughout the season. Now, what if your heating system suddenly malfunctions? Ideally, you have an HVAC expert on your phone book. And, ideally, you have built enough rapport with them that they will come to your rescue even if the road already has inches of snow and the sky keeps on giving. Otherwise, you might need to light an artificial fire indoors. That is a fire hazard right there, and it could lead to bigger problems that would require bigger repairs and lots of insurance documents to sign and process.


Not everyone has a roof over their head. You are quite lucky if you do. So never neglect such a privilege. If your roof needs repair, do it now. Or as soon as possible. That is why you need direct contact with a roofer. Remember that a seemingly minor leak, once neglected, could lead to a caved-in ceiling.


Whether you live alone or with your family, security should be on top of your priorities. And home security relies on the reliability of the locks in your doors and windows. If your locks have been compromised, you should call a professional whose expertise and trustworthiness you can be confident about. Ideally, you work with the same locksmith throughout your stay in a particular house. You do not want to hire a new service provider every time you need your locks fixed.

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Wireless network technician

If you are part of the labour force sent home to work because of the current state of things, you need a reliable internet connection. The same goes if you have kids studying at home via virtual classes. If your internet is working fine now, that is great. But you must be ready for when your connection encounters problems. A wireless network technician should always be on your list of contacts.

An article on The Balance puts the average cost of home repair at $1,105. That is a considerable amount that could go to other expenses like groceries. But that is how homeownership works. Repairs are inevitable. However, at the very least, you can always make sure you get the most out of what you pay for. One way that can happen is to find a repair expert with whom you can build a professional or even borderline personal relationship. They will think twice about getting you shortchanged with a substandard service.

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