Home Design in the New Normal: Trends You Need to Know

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Home design evolves as the news of people evolves. Thanks to modern technology, many of our needs and requirements to live a comfortable life are being met. The home design takes advantage of the available technology to guarantee it.

But the “new normal” is settling in, and designers and architects understand the necessary changes needed. So what is the state of home design right now? Let’s take a look at the popular design trends in the new normal.

Purpose-specific Designated Areas

Despite home spaces being limited to your actual square footage, creating designated spaces with a specific function and purpose is the newest trend going forward. And it’s all a matter of practicality. Most people prefer to stay at home for safety reasons or be in a professional position to stay at home. Having dedicated areas in your home for purposes not otherwise present before matters.

  • Home Office for Work and Studies

As mentioned before, many people work at home or have a remote work setup. However, most houses are not equipped for hours of office or academic work. There are very few quiet spaces in the house where there’s very little disturbance. That’s why many home designers and homeowners are taking measures to either redesign an existing space for office functions or create a new one entirely.

  • Exercise and Entertainment

Gyms, theaters, and recreational areas were heavily affected by the lockdowns and quarantines, and many people have responded by making makeshift home theaters or gyms. However, as homeowners are adjusting to a longer at-home lifestyle, more and more are looking into creating a more permanent solution. Many home designers are beginning to integrate both entertainment rooms and home gyms into standard houses. They’re designing with room multifunctionality in mind.

  • A Mudroom for Cleanliness

Learning about the pandemic and how to prevent catching the virus has made us aware of proper hygiene practices, and it has heightened our vigilance in maintaining cleanliness. Thus, we’ve incorporated sanitation into our habits. Our entryways are now more equipped with sanitation measures, and everyone has ingrained the habit of cleaning their hands before entering the house. This is why mudrooms are a great addition (or perhaps a necessary revamp) to every home.

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Emphasis on Air Quality

Cleanliness has become a focal point in recent interior design and space management industries. Businesses pour resources into commercial cleaning services to maintain the safety of their offices, and homeowners should follow suit too.

And among the most important aspects of cleanliness that people should focus on is air quality. Citizens and individuals need to pay attention to airflow quality in their homes, especially when limiting the potentially hazardous unfiltered air that comes from the outside.

Air purification systems play an integral part in contemporary home design, building upon the HVAC and ventilation technology that has started years before. This development is a welcome change, as it signifies how society and individuals adjust to the new normal.

Managing Room Acoustics

One major aspect that the new normal has brought to every home is that everyone had to somehow still do their professional and academic functions. And with most members of the household attending online meetings and classes, noise has become a significant concern.

Fortunately, this can be circumvented through the proper design, which many designers already pay attention to. Even interior designers forced to work with pre-built houses have gained the knowledge to suppress noise. They utilize thick curtains and blankets and the clever arrangement of furniture to mitigate sound.

Indoor Plants and Biophilic Design

In the past couple of months, we’ve seen a resurgence in the popularity of indoor plants. And this isn’t a random occurrence. Biophilic design, or nature-inspired design philosophy, is booming at a time when major changes that forced us to stay at home happened.

People miss going out; they miss nature and organic surroundings — biophilic design ticks all the boxes. It makes the environment greener, mimicking the feeling of being outdoors again.

Optimizing Outdoor Space

As mentioned in the last point, many people miss the great outdoors. Everyone has realized the value of having the luxury to experience the sun and open areas, which can be rather difficult if you’re stuck in an apartment unit.

This is where optimizing what outdoor space is available comes in. Many designers are incorporating the utilization of outdoor space, including optimization of limited outdoor space like balconies and windows. Using apartment balconies as a relaxing outdoor area is becoming popular as it’s a convenient change that can be implemented.

As society adjusts and learns to work around the current situation, so will home design. Many of the changes we see today will perhaps make a lasting change that will affect future design philosophies.

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