Spring Checklist: Get Your Garden Ready for the Seasons

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Spring is generally the time of year when several flowers and seedlings, old and new, bloom from the slightly warmer ground. Although it might still be a bit too chilly for some gardeners to start digging the dirt, getting the preliminary work done early will allow you to reap the benefits later on.

General cleaning

Cleaning the garden may seem like a never-ending duty, but if you make sure it’s done frequently, you’ll see that it doesn’t really take up much of your time. Before getting started, you must always keep in mind the primary and general rules in cleaning your outdoor space.

Gathering dead leaves and stalks that fall on the ground when you are cleaning the garden before spring is an obvious way to start. These must be removed because they can harbor illnesses and provide a breeding ground for germs to grow and harm your plants, and eventually, your health. That would be a terrible way to kick off the growing season.

If you have a patio or deck, you may want to tidy up your concrete landscaping as well. A thorough sweeping and cleaning with a lot of water should do, but if you decide to use cleaning agents, make sure to choose the right brand carefully to safeguard your plants.

Compost, Reuse, and Reduce

One advantage of removing all of that organic debris from the garden is that you can compost a large portion of it. Developing a compost pile at home should be a priority due to its endless benefits. It has put forth a lot of effort throughout the winter, and the bottom layer will create excellent mulch, which you can scatter across your flower beds. Additionally, if you have accumulated an excessive amount of compost, you can share it with a friend or a neighbor instead of letting it go to waste.

Keep your lawn in good condition

Raking, scarifying, and tending to your grass will give you a better view of your lawn and assess what else needs cleaning. This ensures that all trash and dead grass clippings are removed, allowing the area to breathe and avoid becoming soggy. Additionally, this is an excellent opportunity to level off any uneven spots and plant new grass seeds to give your field the perfect makeover.

Get your vegetable garden to warm up

If you’re interested in growing your own, now would be the best time to research vegetables that would go and grow nicely in your specific area and climate. You can begin preparing your pots for propagation if you can access a greenhouse or a large windowsill. Clean any old pots well, go all-out, and start your DIY pots either from a magazine, plastic containers, ice cream cans, or even old egg cartons.

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Trim and cut

Numerous plants might use some tender loving care to prepare for spring. Consider pruning and relocating them to a more sheltered and shaded area of the garden or cutting the stems to stimulate new growth.

To prepare, list down all the plants you have and assess which ones will require trimming at this time. Read up on the best methods to do so. For example, if you have hydrangeas or fruit trees, you will need to trim them once the frosts have passed in the spring.

Getting rid of weeds and getting your soil ready

Winter weeds earned their place in your garden while you were hibernating. Therefore, you should eradicate as many weeds as possible as part of your soil preparation. You may need to use a weedkiller for this or can get away with uprooting them by yourself. Just make sure to use proper garden gears to protect you from any accidents.

Build your private Zen garden

Adding a particular element to your outdoor area will add more character to it. For example, a relaxing Zen garden surrounded by trees and low-maintenance barriers, such as a Trex composite fence, will provide a more eco-friendly space and give you the privacy you need as you relax and de-stress from the real world. A garden sculpture and shrubs that attract butterflies and birds will also add to the tranquility, so make sure to explore that, too.

Nature has been shown repeatedly to have therapeutic benefits on the mind and body. With the arrival of the season of warmth and life, establish a spot in your yard where you can unwind, practice some yoga, read, and generally unplug for a little while.

Remember to take inventory of what you already have before hitting the shops. Take note of what needs to be repaired and replaced. Your outdoor living space is an extension of your house, so ensure to pick elements that complement your interior design style and comfort.

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