Garage Door Repair Tips When Both Cables Come Off

Maintaining a functional and smoothly operating garage door is essential for every homeowner. Yet, encountering issues like both cables coming off can be daunting. Fear not, as this comprehensive guide offers step-by-step garage door repair tips to get your door back on track.

When faced with the challenge of both cables detaching, the first crucial step is to gather the necessary tools – vice grips, winding bars, and a 7/16 wrench. These tools will prove indispensable throughout the repair process.

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Begin by carefully weaving the cables back through the track, ensuring they are free and not snagged on any obstacles. The subsequent steps involve loosening the set screws on both drums to release tension on the spring. However, take extra caution during this process, as standing directly underneath the winding bars is risky.

Once the cables are secured and set screws are loosened, the repair involves threading each cable through its respective drum and tightening the set screws while maintaining proper tension. The torsion spring is then wound up with a specific number of quarter turns, adding an extra layer of caution to ensure safety.

Remember, garage door repair requires attention to detail and a focus on safety. By following these expert tips, you can successfully address the challenge of both cables coming off, restoring your garage door’s functionality without a hitch.


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