Fuller House: Home Preparations for Your Live-In Partner

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Cohabitation is a huge decision to make—and one that you shouldn’t decide lightly. Some couples do it before marriage so that they have a better idea of what they’re getting into in the relationship. It’s one of the biggest ways you can get to know someone, after all.

You and your partner need to prepare before you live together. To minimize the stress of the adjusting period, discuss with each other your requirements and boundaries, then settle on a compromise. Always remember that cohabitation won’t just affect you but also your partner.

Afterward, you’ll move into either your place or your partner’s place of residence, depending on which can accommodate you both better. Prepare it for the additional resident with these pointers.


Living alone is bound to take a toll on your living environment—usually in the form of mountains of clutter here and there. You’ll need to clean up to make space for your partner and avoid stressing them out. If spring cleaning can’t be done yet, consider gradually decluttering your home.

Clean out your home by working from room to room. Be objective when it comes to choosing what items to keep. If you’re having difficulty getting rid of stuff, ask your partner or friend for help. They’ll give you a more unbiased opinion compared when you’re doing it yourself.


You and your partner are bound to have different tastes when it comes to home decorations. Instead of fighting over it, make redecorating a fun bonding activity and work out something that both of you will accept. Here are a few ideas you should try if you don’t know where to start.

Always discuss your choices with each other and ensure that both of you agree on it. If you can’t decide on an area’s color, consider using neutral picks first. It’s a happy medium for everybody, but it’s still open for modifications in case you get ideas in the future.

If you’re having trouble with redecorating your place, condo interior design services in Singapore are also an option. They can help you decide on your home decorations and implement you and your partner’s design ideas.

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Upgrade Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the places you and your partner will often occupy, so make sure that it can accommodate you both comfortably. Try these renovation ideas—they’ll not only make your kitchen more comfortable but also stay safely in your budget.

Convert your kitchen into open space if it’s near your living room. If you’re preparing meals for two, it won’t feel lonely if your partner is within sight. You can also install counter islands and seating in the middle of your kitchen to have a larger workspace and a place to rest.

Get Storage Space

Decluttering is a great step to having more storage space, but it may not be enough. Use your home’s areas more efficiently and look for any additional storage opportunities in your home. Consider using ottomans—they have many uses besides storage, like seating and footrests.

If you have a sturdy bed, its underside is a good place for storage. Install rolling drawers or compartments for additional clothing storage. Another place to consider is your walls, especially if you have high ceilings. Install cabinets or shelves that you can access with a stepladder.

Modifying your place for your partner need not be a chore. If you do it together, you’ll not only have a fond memory to look back on but also have fewer disagreements when it comes to your living space.

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