Fortifying Your Home: Measures to Implement

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Overall safety and crime rate have increased significantly over the past few years, but that’s no reason to be complacent. There are still very legitimate dangers out there that should remind homeowners to be vigilant. Even if you think that your home is already safe, it helps to make the extra effort to either improve or even totally fortify your home security. Be it dangers from crime or the risks of the elements, we all need to be proactive when it comes to home security and safety. Here are a few tips to decrease the risks.

Defense Against the Elements

Of course, fortifying your home isn’t just about protecting it from wrongdoers but also from the elements. Natural calamities like earthquakes, typhoons, and floods can happen, and preventing them starts with how your house is constructed. Having good foundations that meet the building standards provide significant defense from most natural occurrences.

It also helps to have metal roofing and solid walls. Having a good roof and strong walls can help during heavy snowfall or even hail and provide adequate protection from other dangers. Coordinate with your building contractor to make sure that it’s built with strength.

However, it’s also a matter of maintaining your home- make sure to keep the gutters clean so that rainwater can flow freely. Your sump pump needs to be functioning properly to prevent basement flooding as well. Defending your home from the elements is as important as protecting it from those with malicious intent, so make sure not to neglect this aspect.

Lock Your Doors


Locking your doors is an often neglected advice due to how simple-sounding it seems. Prevent burglars and thieves from simply walking through your front door by locking it! However, simply locking it might not be sufficient in some cases, and that’s where adding further security measures will help you.

For starters, the door itself has to be strong, and the hinges of your door must be protected from tampering. If you’re living in a property with a former resident, make sure to change all of the locks. If you leave home frequently, it might be a good idea to get a deadbolt installed to further strengthen the locks of your door. And as a last measure, look into getting a video doorbell to capture whatever’s happening on your front porch.

Secure Your Windows

Doors aren’t just the only thing you need to reinforce- it’s not the only common entry point after all. Many stock latches on most windows are ineffective when locking the window, making it a common entry point for thieves and burglars. Always bolster the security of your windows by adding locks or levers, especially with your bedroom windows.

You can also opt for reinforced glass, which makes a handy addition to your living room. Some sensors will inform you if somebody’s trying to enter through the window. Alternatively, a cheap option is to put cacti and other prickly plants on window sills or under the window to act as a deterrent.

Add Adequate Lighting for Convenience and Safety

A well-lit area is less likely to be burglarized, as many criminals avoid light sources to avoid being seen. Put lights all over your yard, and use smart lights that turn on based on the time. Motion-activated light sources that automatically turn on when someone is near are also a great idea. This will not only keep your house and family safe but also help when navigating outdoors at night.

Place outdoor floor lights in pathways, garages, chairs and tables, and other structures. You can park your car easier, walk safely in the light, and avoid risks of injury through tripping and stumbling.

Install a Security System

Technology has improved a lot- and it only makes sense to take advantage of it to bolster your home’s security. From CCTV cameras that send data to your phone and smart alarms to fire and motion detectors to warn you of fires and earthquakes, it’s critical to use what can be used to increase your family’s safety.

There are several smart security systems to choose from, depending on your budget and level of security. Have a professional assess the risks of your home and have the appropriate level of security system installed. There’s no harm in being cautious and vigilant, and it will only serve you well in your time of need.

Safety is an integral responsibility of a homeowner. It’s always better to be prepared than to be caught unprepared, and fortifying your home is a great countermeasure to do before dangers occur.

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