Five Signs You Need to Call a Plumber ASAP


Imagine this scenario: you wake up, you go to the bathroom, you turn the shower or the faucet on. However, to your surprise, no water is coming out.

Or, while making your way to the kitchen, you notice a small pond of water forming on the floor, probably from a leaking faucet or a broken pipe.

You immediately begin to investigate the problem and try to fix things on your own. But still, nothing works.

Water damage is a common problem that homeowners dread. If ignored, it can cost property owners an extravagant amount of money. It can destroy furniture, electronics, upholstery, and even the foundation of the house itself. In fact, plumbing repairs may cost between $1,164 and $ 4,864, depending on the severity of the damage, according to Home Advisor.

On top of this, homeowners are also slapped with soaring water bills, all thanks to dripping faucets and bathroom leaks. Recent statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency show that nearly 10% of households in the U.S. are wasting more or less 90 gallons of water per day due to ignored leaks at home. According to the EPA, this is equivalent to nearly 10,000 gallons of water wasted per American household every year.

While some water damage repairs seem doable by yourself at home, several plumbing problems need urgent professional help. Here are some of them:

1. You have no running water at all.

You might encounter a certain area within your house where the water stops flowing, like the bathroom or the kitchen. Make sure to check all your water outlets at home to confirm which areas have no water supply. Check both your cold and hot water supplies as well. The absence of water supply may spring from water heater issues.

You may also opt to call your neighbors to see if they are experiencing the same problem. If your household is the only one experiencing water issues, it is best to call a plumber to investigate and solve the problem immediately. Having no water at home can be a major warning sign that something has gone terribly wrong in your plumbing system.

2. Your water pressure throughout the house is low.

Most localized low water pressure issues at home can be fixed using DIY measures. For instance, low running water in one of the faucets may be caused by a clogged aerator. This can be addressed by a little cleaning or vinegar soak to rinse out the sediment.

However, if low water pressure runs throughout the entire house, chances are you have a more significant problem lurking in your plumbing system. This may include cracked or broken pipes, rust or debris in your water lines, or obstructions in your supply line from your local community. Calling in professionals is the best way to analyze and solve such problems.

3. Your house smells like sewage.

Sewage gas odors should never be ignored. A dominant sewer smell in your kitchen, bathroom, or even throughout your house is a major indicator of a more complex issue other than your plumbing system. Such an unpleasant odor can come from the sewer itself, which requires immediate professional help.

Aside from that disturbing “rotten egg” smell, sewage gas odors can have adverse health effects if left ignored. Scientifically known as hydrogen sulfide, this hazardous gas can harm your respiratory and central nervous systems in the long run. Prolonged exposures may cause headaches, eye inflammations, nausea, vomiting, and weight loss problems. High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide may lead to convulsions, breathing difficulties, and worse, coma or death.

4. Your drains do not work appropriately for some time.


Slow draining issues may be caused by a clog, which is highly common in households. While some clogging issues may be fixed by yourself at home, repeated draining problems may indicate a more pressing issue in your plumbing system.

Don’t hesitate to call in a good plumber to look deeper into your water pipes and check your entire plumbing system altogether. Fixing the clog and drainage problem on your own may lead to more pipe damage in the long run.

5. You have a frozen or broken pipe.

Damaged pipes can be a recipe for home disasters. Pipes may break down anytime due to old age and rust. This can lead to uncontrollable flooding inside your home. On the other hand, frozen pipes, especially during winter, can obstruct your water supply. Never attempt to thaw your pipes yourself. This can lead to more cracks, or worse, a full, busted pipe.

Seek professional help immediately the moment you notice a frozen or broken pipe.

Water damage issues should never be ignored. While DIY repairs sound like a good plan, it’s always best to call in a good plumber before things turn out for the worst.

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