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Most human beings are keen on longevity. They exercise, take care of their physical and mental health, and are mindful of their nutrition. The purpose of this is to have a disease-free, longer, better, and more fruitful life.

The same holds for houses, apartments, and other types of properties. The longer you maintain your house, the longer you will be able to live inside it. Also, the better chances you will have of selling it if that is what you so desire.

There are plenty of ways to do it. You can take care of the basics, make sure the exteriors are both well-maintained and visually appealing, and add a few enhancements here and there to make your home more convenient and even more fun to live in. Let us look at all three of them in greater detail.

Taking Care of the Basics

On December 13, 1997, a fire happened at London Heathrow airport. What resulted from it was 60 firefighters working for almost five hours. Also, 300 flights were canceled, and around 50,000 passengers were left stranded. As for the reason, it was because of a buildup of grease in a kitchen extractor.

One of the most important things all businesses in the food industry can and should do is hire a reputable kitchen duct- cleaning company at least once a year. This will keep operations running as smoothly as possible and prevent unnecessary disasters like the one experienced in the United Kingdom.

The same goes for your house. There is a basic home maintenance list you need to go through at regular intervals. Aside from the aforementioned kitchen extract duct, others include maintaining your fire extinguisher, restoring power to poorly functioning and dead power intervals, changing the coils behind your refrigerator, and checking all smoke detectors and alarm systems.

Exterior Maintenance and Visual Appeal

Given a similar professional background and work experience, a professionally dressed individual will have better chances of getting a job offer than someone who looks like he just got out of bed. If you are a man, this entails a clean, well-pressed business suit, a sharp haircut, and proper maintenance of facial hair. As for a lady, it means wearing either a suit or business skirt and a nice haircut.

Whether we like it or not, the sense of sight is, oftentimes, the first triggered in all human beings. When it comes to a house, this means that if you are planning to sell, the first impression made on potential buyers and visitors will likely not change. As such, it wouldn’t hurt to show them a clean property exterior with the grass well-trimmed, a proper paint job, and clean doors, walls, and windows.

But even if you have no intention of letting go of your house, exterior maintenance is essential. It is true not only from a visual perspective because it affects safety, convenience, and monetary value. Some of the most important things you can do are making sure downspouts are not clogged, there aren’t any foundational issues, doors and window seals are attached well, and the roof doesn’t have any holes or cracks.

Maintaining Versus Improving

Maintenance is defined as the process of preserving someone or something or the continuation of an existing procedure. For instance, if your weight is 150 pounds and you want neither to gain nor to lose any of it, you will probably engage in a fitness program to keep that number as is. Improvement, on the other hand, is making things better, faster, or more convenient. While you might still weigh the same 150 pounds, your fat percentage might be lower, or you could have more stamina, core strength, or cardiovascular endurance.

A house is very similar. If you have already taken care of the basics and ensured your exteriors are functioning and look great, why not add a few enhancements to your property? Why not make it better for yourself and the other members of your household?

One way you can do this is by using available technology, namely smart home systems. For instance, you could install an exterior surveillance camera linked to the local police station or fire department. You could also buy a voice-controlled smart speaker, a refrigerator that gives you advice on what to eat based on your mood or physical complexion, or a TV that allows you to order food, check the weather report, and hold meetings with your colleagues.

As we have seen, there are different ways to maintain and improve your home. By following these simple yet effective guidelines, you will be giving yourself and your loved ones the best possible living environment for the years to come.



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