Cool Camping Ideas: Raise Your Camping Experience to the Next Level

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Summer is always best enjoyed outdoors. And one of the best outdoor activities to enjoy is camping. With the family and pets, camping is not only fun but also a form of bonding. Here you do things together out of the confines of your home.

It also builds better bonding. It includes great physical activities that are always good for your health. Expect to share some stories, some laughter and of course delicious food. But the best of all, you create sweet memories together as a family.

Dad and mom get to do other things they don’t do daily. Dad pitches the tent, while mom prepares wood for the campfire. Kids can help mom and dad and learn new things from them. They can also meet new friends. Everyone interacts with nature in a very special way.

But if you have done this many times, this article provides alternatives. New and fun ways that you may add to your camping experience. Making it more adventurous and more exciting. There are also ways to make it more relaxing especially for the parents who need well-deserved rest.

Here are some suggestions:

#1 Set Up an Air Conditioned Tent

Getting some cool air in hot weather always brings pleasure. No doubt about it, air conditioners are a blessing. And you can always do it at home. Or maybe stay in a hotel to enjoy that amenity. But to enjoy an air-conditioned tent during camping can and will make the whole family very happy.

There are many options to do this. With an air conditioner that has a power of at least 5,000 BTU for a regular size tent. Extra airtightness and more insulation to keep the cool inside the tent. Then you and the family can enjoy the cool air while camping.

You can also hire a reputable cooling services contractor. That way they do the air conditioning work in your tent for you. While you enjoy doing other things for the family. Making your camping more memorable.

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#2 Do Extreme Activities

Camping is always known for pitching tents, roasting food by fire, and playing outdoor games. Some can also take the safe mode. Families go for board games, card games, and arts. And those are fun activities nevertheless. But what if we push the activities a notch higher. Add some more adventure.

Sprinkle a little element of risk. A well-calculated risk and a little danger at that. But make sure to have all the necessary safety gear. And make sure the kids do these things with the watchful eyes of loving parents. This camping can be extremely fun and exciting.

Here are some suggestions. Rock climbing is a combination of physical and mental challenges. This promotes physical health for the whole family. It helps enhance kids’ mental ability for decision-making. This activity also includes rappelling which is an extra fun activity in itself. Another one is mountain biking. With enough safety gear that everyone should wear, you can take advantage of the readily available mountain trails. You may also include added obstacles such as rocks and wood for that extra challenge. And reach the top of the mountain for that feeling of satisfaction. Then sit down and watch an awesome mountain top view together.

#3 More Extreme Adventures

Another suggestion worth trying is zip lining. There is more than enough zip lining equipment available online. You can buy anytime, but the option to rent is also available. But this is an adventure that you and the family can really enjoy. The faster and farther, the more awesome. Wear camera-ready headgear and you can post photos and videos on Instagram that will sure to get hearts. Take note that zip line safety is still a must.

Want to get a little wet and beat the summer heat? You can choose between water balloon fighting and lake diving. Water balloon fighting is a team game where one team goes against another team. They simply throw water balloons at each other. The way to stay in the game is not to be hit by the water balloons. At the end of the game, the team with the most members still in the game wins.

Lake diving is not really a competition. It is just an extra added fun for swimming in the lake. You can dive off a rock, or swing from a rope hanging on a tree. Doing this has risks on its own. So hiring a licensed lifesaver for this activity is strongly suggested.

There are a thousand other things to do while camping. But do not forget to always go back to the basics. Camping is still about enjoying the outdoors while building relationships. This is a chance to talk. And do this without the distractions caused by work, technology, and responsibilities. This is an opportunity to get in touch on a personal level.

At the end of the camp, you want to know your family and friends better. Focus on what matters most. And being closer to them after the camp is an achievement in itself. Enjoy camping.

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