America Strong: Rebuilding the Nation Post-Coronavirus

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As the number of people infected by the coronavirus and the fatalities it caused continue to rise, millions of Americans find themselves overwhelmed with anxiety and ask the questions: How will we recover from this? What will our future look like?

Anxieties and Worries Set In

When the health crisis hit stateside, the government called for non-essential businesses and industries to temporarily shut down and cease operations. America’s working force was sent home with no assurance of any job or financial security.

People from different sectors and businesses — from commercial roof installation services to food and restaurant services — have either lost jobs, have had salaries reduced, or have been furloughed. Folks are already dipping into their emergency funds, savings accounts, and pensions.

The economy has gone in a downward spiral. Stocks have been volatile. People are spending less because there is no income. Small businesses are doing their best to stay afloat to support their employees, but most of them fear they cannot operate beyond a three-month period. Entrepreneurs and businessmen are concerned that after three months, smaller non-essential businesses will start to close for lack of demand.

While the government’s stimulus package is a great help, it is just a band-aid solution. It does not address the whole problem for the long haul. Now is the time to start making decisive actions and help reboot the economy.

Pieces of the Puzzle

people huggingWhenever tragedies strike the United States, Americans have always found ways to immediately get back on our feet.

9/11. The Recession of the early 2000s. Hurricane Katrina. The Tennessee tornadoes. All of these tragedies and calamities showcased America’s strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Times may be challenging now for all of us. The virus not only affects the health of hundreds of thousands in the country, but it has also impacted our nation’s economy. However, despite all these challenges, no matter how hard it may seem, America will rise again.

We all just need to come together once again as people, beyond politics and beliefs. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue. This is an American concern.

We are all different pieces of the puzzle and we all play a part in completing the bigger picture. One piece is not more valuable than the other. If we want to beat this pandemic and rebuild the economy, we have to start working together.

One of the main priorities should address the American workforce; creating jobs and stabilizing them is key in helping the economy recover. Economists recommend repatriating American manufacturing instead of looking to China for the acquisition of goods and products for cheaper labor rates. This will help secure our supply chain on top of providing millions of jobs to Americans. Another recommendation is keeping and maintaining the energy sector. At present, 9.8 million jobs are covered by the oil and gas industry in the country. Natural gas makes a $2.08 trillion contribution to the manufacturing industry.

Long-term infrastructure rebuilding is also an option the experts are considering. Rebuilding and repairing of our infrastructure over, say, a period of five to 10 years sets Americans up with enough jobs in the fields of engineering, architecture, heavy equipment, manufacturing, and all other industries required to complete the task.

In the face of all this uncertainty, one thing is clear. Big problems need big solutions. And big solutions have no place for big egos. Hopefully, as the crisis continues to wreak havoc and the consequences continue to unravel, those in Congress will start to see the bigger picture and start taking things more seriously for the American people.

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