5 Things You Might Overlook When Moving to a New House

In the craziness of a move, people often forget some of the most important things they will need in this new home. Can you imagine realizing that you’ve packed your chargers somewhere in the 20 boxes or so that came with you? Or how about the fact that you never cared to ask if the air-conditioning unit in your bedroom is even working? Some people even forget to buy light bulbs for the new home, so they need to work with the single working lightbulb they can find.

It’s funny in retrospect, but not when you’re stuck in this new home and new town with no one to ask where to get light bulbs or where the nearest Apple store is. The thing is people overlook a lot of things when moving to a new town. Remember that you are uprooting your life, so forgive yourself if you forget where you put the chargers and flashlights. Make do with what you have.

However, there are some things that you cannot overlook. Forgetting which box has your favorite pajamas is one thing, but forgetting to change the locks before you move in? Maybe that’s the height of carelessness and irresponsibility. Here are the five things you should never forget when moving to a new home.

Cleaning the Pipes and Securing the Gas Line

If your house has a chimney, make sure to call a professional cleaner to have it cleaned. The same can be said for the other kitchen appliances and fixture that your house came with. You may love that built-on gas oven, but when was it last cleaned? You better call a professional oven cleaning company so they can check what needs to be fixed. They can also secure the gas line and give you a go-signal that it’s functioning well.

You cannot imagine how many homes have burned down because of accidents in the kitchen. So, if there’s one thing you have to focus on when making an offer for a house, it is the gas pipes. Where are they located? When were they last serviced? These are important pieces of information.

Changing the Locks

Do not ever go into your new home without changing the locks. Sure, you trust your real estate agent, but you have no idea how much access everyone had to that house. Changing the locks is a must the moment you signed the contract. If you can do it by yourself, all the better so no one has access to the keys aside from you.

If you are going to install a smart home system, do that before moving in, too. This way, you will feel secure when you unpack the boxes and settle into the house. You should also stop with the tradition of hiding your keys in a potted plant on your porch. Everyone knows that already that burglars can enter your homes easily.

Checking the Garbage Collection Schedule

When do the garbage collectors pick up the garbage? That might sound trivial but it’s important to know about the waste management in your new town. Remember that since you are moving in, you’ll generate loads of trash. Knowing when the garbage is going to be picked up will allow you to organize your unpacking schedule. Also, what are the policies for waste management there? Do they pick up spoiled food or is another collector doing that?

Making Sure the HVAC Works

cleaning heating device

Whatever the season is, you’ll need either a heater or air-conditioner to make your move as comfortable as possible. Have you tried the HVAC unit when you checked the house or even before you signed the contract? The home inspection report should highlight any problems in the HVAC system, but you should still double-check before moving in. The worst way to spend your first day in the new home is for the house to feel like a sauna because the aircon isn’t working.

Keeping the Air Filters Clean

Another thing that should come up in the inspection report is the quality of air filters. When were the filters last changed? The air filters determine the quality of indoor air, so this is a priority for homeowners. Remember that indoor air quality has a direct impact on your health; many respiratory problems can be traced back to the quality of the air you breathe inside the house. People spend 90% of their time inside their homes, especially during the pandemic, so think about that.

So, are you ready to move? Transferring to a new town or city isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world but with enough research, you might find the move transformative and meditative. You need to remember that in moving, the security of the home is tantamount to a calm transition.

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