5 Attic Design Ideas to Take Your Space Way Beyond Storage


Many homeowners use their attic for storage. A lot of people are guilty of bringing rarely used or old items into the attic then never giving them a second thought again.

This organisational method isn’t a good use of your space. It’s time to acknowledge that your attic is exceptionally versatile. This room can serve another purpose apart from holding your stuff. It can become a much-needed home office or a simple sky garden where you can relax and entertain guests.

You can approach an experienced loft conversion specialist to help you decide the best way to maximise your attic space.

Below are smart, useful design ideas to elevate your attic into more than storage.

1. Sky Garden

This option is an excellent idea for people with green thumbs who want to grow plants indoors. Install floor-to-ceiling glass windows on either wall of your attic to let in natural light. Plant parents can arrange their plant babies in the room depending on which ones need sunlight and which ones love the dark.

You can add a deck that can be accessed through a sliding door. Just make sure that your house and the structure of your roof can support a deck.

2. Home Office

Work-from-home setups are part of the new normal brought by the coronavirus pandemic. Maximise your productivity by dedicating a room to your professional life. This way, you still have the routine of “going to work” and “going home,” which can help maintain your work-life balance.

Install windows in your attic to let in natural light. Choose blinds in pale, neutral shades to reduce glare when the sun is high. Bring in an ergonomic chair and desk to avoid bad posture and back pain.

You can lay down a fluffy rug to give your office a homey, comfortable atmosphere. Don’t forget the shelves for your storage.

3. Kids’ Playroom

Dedicating a room to your kids aside from their sleeping quarters can give them a sense of autonomy and responsibility. They’ll be in charge of putting their toys in the proper places and making sure the room is tidy after every play session.

A wall-to-wall rug can protect your kids from bumps and falls. Bring in soft couches and bean bags to make the space more comfortable. Let your child choose the colour scheme to let their personality shine in the room.

4. Library

The library can be for kids and adults alike. Store your favourite novels, vinyl, and CDs. All you need is good lighting, cosy furniture, and sturdy shelves, and you’ve got yourself a home library. A carpet also helps complete the room.

Storage room5. Dressing Room or Walk-in Closet

The eaves in the attic can make suitable built-in storage cabinets for your walk-in closet. An open wardrobe displays your clothes and adds to the aesthetic of the room. You can install a large skylight on the sloping roof to illuminate the space with natural light. Add a footstool and a vanity table to complete your dressing room.

Make sure your bathroom is near the attic. Otherwise, a walk-in closet on the topmost floor of your house will be an inconvenience.

Before you convert your attic into any room, have a specialist check its structure, stability, and sturdiness first. That ensures that the room can bear the weight of the changes you plan on making. If you’re planning on turning it into a bathroom or anything that requires water connection, have an expert check the plumbing to know if you still need to install pipes.

Plan out your conversion project thoroughly, down to the last detail, to make sure that you can enjoy an additional functional living space in your house.

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