2021’s Smart Home: Techs That Are Popular This Year

It’s 2021, which means there’s a whole new reason for people to buy the latest tech this year. Every year, technology makes its advance, and there’s no stopping any of it. It’s certainly something to be excited about, and that’s the reason behind the myriad number of tech shows every year.

The CES 2021 has certainly presented something to be excited about this year. While the show has been hosted online, some new digital trends that some industry experts predicted correctly. From well-maintained air conditioning units to the latest phones and gadgets, this year’s show is surely an education in how tech will proceed—even during the pandemic.

If you’re excited to find out how your home will be turning smart, take a look at these products. They’re about to become very, very popular.

Smart Speakers and Displays

The Internet of things (IoT) has been around for quite a while now, and some people think they cannot live without these. It might be true or not, but one thing’s for certain. The interconnectivity of appliances is a big thing, and it’s here to stay.

Take, for instance, the Amazon Echo, powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant. The AI-powered Alexa is already found on different devices, from your smartphone to even the refrigerator. With just a query from you, Alexa can become your own personal assistant in controlling the different appliances in your home.

Another option is the Echo Dot with Clock, which can connect to your speaker of choice. Alexa can also take over this appliance and control it for you. There are other additional options, such as a touch screen to make video calls with.

The Google Option

Each person has his or her own choice of smart device. Some people want Amazon, others want Google; the latter also bought the flavour at the recent CES 2021.

If you choose Google, then their Nest Hub line of speakers and smart displays should absolutely be in your home. A must-take is the Google Home Max and the Google Nest Hub Max; one offers an unrivalled audio experience, while the other gives you a crisp display.

For your Google Assistant needs, there’s the Nest Audio, Mini, and Hub. These are also cheaper alternatives to get your Assistant to touch every corner of your home.

Google assistant

For Those Undecided

Alexa and Google Assistant are both popular AI assistants, so it might be hard to decide to go for one or the other. If this is making your headache, there’s a solution for that.

You won’t need to choose with the Sonos One in your home. This handy speaker supports both assistants, and it’s also got the audio quality to back it up. It’s got the quality to be head and shoulders above all the others in its category.

It can also interconnect with other Sonos speakers in your home if you have them. This will enable you to have clear, crisp sound quality in your home, backyard, and literally, everywhere you can put a speaker in.

Other Bests of CES 2021: Robot Vacuum

The robot vacuum isn’t a recent invention, but the CES 2021 seems to present an advanced version each time. The Samsung Jetbot 90 AI+ is just one of the many bests, and it’s already creating quite the buzz.

The robot, shaped like a small tank, provides 30 watts of suction power through the Jet Cyclone system. It makes sure that your floor is clutter- and dust-free when you walk on it. The robot vacuum also features an auto-disposal system, which cleans your clutter and disposes of it too. It has a Clean Station base, which can receive the clutter.

Other Bests of CES 2021: Smart Locks

Smart locks are unique in their ability to receive commands to stay locked. The Lockly Duo is a new model, and it features a design that’s sensible for people who love extra security in their home; it has two locks to unlock, the deadbolt and knob locks.

It’s a one-stop solution to people who want the simplicity of opening the lock combined with the sophistication of not finding a hard time integrating it with a smart home. It has all the trappings of a quality smart lock—unlocking using your fingerprints, the PIN Genie, and a remote unlock option via the app, among others.

Many techs are welcomed yearly during the CES 2021, but these, by far, captures the imagination quite nicely. This year’s tech presented in the annual show makes it exciting to see how far we’ll go with smart home technology.

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