The 10 Most Beautiful Landscaped Mansions in the World

garden landscape

Everybody wants to live in a beautiful house—how much more in a beautiful mansion with a unique landscape design? Though living in a villa is everyone’s dream, achieving a beautiful landscape is much closer to reality.

You can reach a one-of-a-kind landscape for your home when you let landscaping experts handle your gardens. If you are looking for inspiration in your home’s landscaping, check out these fantastic mansions.

Dubai: Palm Jumeirah Beachfront Palace

Inspired by the modernist architecture of Dubai, this mansion features a contemporary design with bright white walls and floor-to-ceiling windows. The 11 bedrooms are each designed to be comfortable for an evening’s sleep or accommodating overnight guests at all times. It’s also spacious enough to host parties as large as 200 people—perfect for entertaining friends.

In addition, the beachfront includes total coastal views and skyline views of the Burj Al Arab and the Marina Bay.

South Africa: Constantia

The beauty of a natural landscape is something that can never be replaced. The Constantia estate has everything the modern-day family needs to thrive and more than enough room for growing families or individuals who just want some extra space without giving up on their luxury lifestyle. You will find yourself living in this six-bedroom home with six bathrooms while being able to enjoy all 23,099 square feet inside. It even has an outdoor lap pool perfect for working out at your own pace.

Thailand: Baan Chinpracha

Baan Chinpracha is an imposing Sino-colonial manor that was built in 1903. Originally, it belonged to Prapitak Chinnapracharat, who passed it on to his descendants through six generations. A small tour group can see many of the pieces that were imported from China. There are also Italian floor tiles.

Argentina: Palos Verdes House

This luxurious, five-bedroom mansion in Argentina’s Santa Cruz mountains is an ideal vacation spot for your next cabin getaway. The beautiful setting includes hiking paths and a large patio perfect for outdoor get-togethers.

Brazil: Lage Park Mansion

The Lage Park Mansion is a 52-hectare theme park set inside Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Enrique Lages had Mario Vodret rebuild the mansion for him in the 1970s after it was destroyed by fire. Salvador Payols Sabaté painted murals that are on display throughout the property and halls of this magnificent estate.

garden landscape

Romania: Popeci’s Manor

In the past, this mansion has undergone restoration operations worth $500,000. This restoration was funded by various groups, including the owner of the property Constantin Popescu.

The N.N. Popp Palace was built in the early twentieth century by a Romanian architect, the famous Ion D. Berindey. It was renovated as a tennis club for visitors after it served as a hospital for those with tuberculosis until 1939 when this disease became curable.

Australia: Werribee Mansion Gardens

Thomas and Andrew Richardson built the Australian residence outside of Melbourne in 1874-1877. The mansion was originally a working cattle farm but is now open to the public for tours. The Richardsons constructed their country home near Melbourne’s Queen Street in 1874–1877 using an Italianate design.

Originally, the villa accommodated Corpus Christi College’s Catholic seminary. Later, it hosted two concerts by Elton John in 2007, as well as other events that year. Every year at Christmas time, it hosts Werribee Carols and a harvest feast; during polo season (March – September), it holds competitions.

North Carolina: Biltmore Estate

If you’re looking for a jaw-dropping house with tons of space, then head on over to North Carolina and visit the Biltmore Estate because they have plenty. Measuring an incredible 135,280 square feet or about three times as big as your average 2000 square-foot American house, this place seems like your dream come true if you love all things lavish.

Rhode Island: The Breakers

The Vanderbilts also built The Breakers in Rhode Island, which is the 21st-largest residence in the United States. Marble was imported for its construction from Italy and Africa to create a massive 70-room mansion that has been designated as an American Historic Landmark since 1994.

While it served as their personal home until this year, recent residents have lived on just three floors of luxury with eight bedrooms furnished by famed architect Ogden Codman Jr., who styled them using walnut wood furnishings reminiscent of Louis XVI style.

China: Taohuayuan

Taohuayuan is known as China’s most expensive mansion, having sold for $149 million in 2016. The palace is located on a private island on Dushu Lake in the city of Suzhou. There are 32 bedrooms, all of which face south for extra light. The mansion’s gardens, which include a mist-covered pond, are inspired by the Classical Gardens of Suzhou, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

These mansions each have their distinct style and are unique in every way. Even though they appear big and imposing, anyone planning to build or remodel a house can draw inspiration from the varying styles of these mansions.

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